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Are you ready to synchronize your community’s plans, programs and funding applications into an interdepartmental, community-supported resilience action plan to reduce inland and coastal flood risk?

Resilence Works LLC is ready to provide Chief Resilience Officer services to meet your specific needs.

Hoboken Public Library Rehabilitation Project

Hoboken Public Library Rehabilitation Project

Allen Kratz, Principal

Allen Kratz offers four decades of experience in community development, project and historic preservation.  Most recently he worked for Rebuild by Design, tracking the progress of seven HUD-funded post-Superstorm Sandy flood-mitigation projects in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

In the coastal town of Brooksville, Maine, Allen serves on the Comprehensive Plan Committee, updating the master plan with an eye to environmental sustainability. 

Allen worked in real estate and economic development for NJ Transit, the statewide transit agency.

Allen was a gubernatorial appointee to the New Jersey Historic Trust, which funds historic preservation. As president of the Hoboken Public Library’s board of trustees, Allen oversaw a $3.2M rehabilitation project to preserve the 1897 historic library building and protect it from sea-level rise, coastal flooding and extreme weather.

Resilience Works, LLC

  • provides on-demand Chief Resilience Officer services to municipalities

Resilience Works, LLC helps clients:

  • envision and build community support for climate-resilience strategies

  • support civic leaders in implementing and funding an ongoing resilience program

  • gain insights about best practices for developing equitable resilience infrastructure

 Quick read: “I’m Allen Kratz. When it rains here in Hoboken, New Jersey – I can actually smile!  This flood gate keeps water outside the public library. I helped secure two million dollars in federal, state, county and municipal funding to protect this vital historic civic asset with a dozen different resilience upgrades. Because I know that resilience works, I am ready, willing and able to help you seek funding to reduce the risk of flooding in your community. So what’s a good day to meet? Tomorrow? Today? Funding deadlines come quickly. So, let’s get together and talk. I’m Allen Kratz, I look forward to talking with you.”

Recent and Current Experience

 City of Hoboken, New Jersey

  • as Historic Preservation Commission member, helped N.J. Historic Preservation Office review 1,602 historic district properties as part of City’s effort to reduce flood risk + save historic legacy

  • oversaw flood-proofing of historic municipal library with disaster-recovery funds

  • served on Infrastructure and Transportation Task Force for mayoral transition

  • appointed by Mayor resiliency Advisory Committee

 Town of Brooksville, Maine

  • appointed to Comprehensive Town Plan Committee; facilitate community engagement

  • meets with State and County planners to strategize funding for coastal resilience

  • serves on Ordinance Committee to review proposed ordinances

 State of New Jersey

  • oversaw revenue-generating contracts in NJ Transit’s Finance Department

  • prepared action items for review and approval by NJ Transit’s board of directors

  • appointed by Governor to New Jersey Historic Trust, a grant-making agency 

 Rebuild by Design, in Partnership with 100 Resilient Cities

  • tracked post-Sandy HUD projects in New York City, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

  • promoted Sandy projects’ best practices for community engagement

  • briefed news media and international delegations Sandy projects’ progress

  • prepared Rebuild by Design’s comments for environmental impact statements

 Riverside Church in the City of New York

  • elected to Budget and Planning Committee

  • serve on Program Evaluation and Financial Reporting Subcommittees

 Embankment Preservation Coalition, Jersey City

  • serve as historic preservation consultant for litigation support

 Prior Corporate and Non-Profit Employment

  • AT&T

  • Bank Street College of Education

  • Lucent Technologies

  • National Council of Churches

  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A. headquarters)

  • Prudential Insurance

  • The Palladium-Item (daily newspaper)

  • The Reporter (daily newspaper)


 American University, J.D.; Drexel University, M.L.S.; Earlham College, B.A.