FEMA Pre-Disaster Hazard Mitigation Grants


As a result of two Major Disaster Declarations, DR 4385 and DR 4410, the State of Connecticut Division of Emergency Services & Public Protection's Hazard Mitigation Program has an application period open until July 10, 2019. For a list of eligible activities, see page 33.


Government resilient infrastructure projects are eligible for up to $10 million from FEMA through competitive application.

 Eligible projects

  • Infrastructure protective measures, including retrofitting existing buildings and facilities

  • Utility protective measures, including retrofitting existing facilities

  • Water and sanitary-sewer protective measures

  • Localized flood control to protect critical facilities

  • Floodwater storage and diversion

  • Floodplain and stream restoration

  • Stormwater management

  • Aquifer storage and recovery

  • Wetland restoration and/or creation

 Eligible applicants include states (applicants), municipalities (sub-applicants through states)

 Deadline Application period October 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019.  

Although this deadline has passed, it’s smart to start planning for the next grant round. You’re welcome to contact me!