FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program

On July 1, 2019, FEMA announced three Pre-Disaster Mitigation grants for Maine:

State of Maine — Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant -- $79,899

Machias —Advance Assistance for Machias Flood Protection -- $200,000

Houlton — Morningstar Road Culvert Replacement/Upsizing -- $585,000

Let’s plan now to apply for the next cycle!

Governmental resilient infrastructure projects are eligible for up to $10 million through competitive application.

 Eligible projects

  • Acquisition of hazard-prone property and conversion to open space

  • Retrofitting existing buildings and facilities

  • Elevation of flood-prone structures

  • Vegetative management / soil stabilization

  • Infrastructure protection measures

  • Stormwater management

  • Minor structural flood control projects

  • Post-disaster code enforcement activities

Eligible applicants include states, municipalities