Comprehensive community planning that includes addressing climate change is the objective of legislation under consideration in Maine’s legislature.

LD 563 (legislative document) is a bill that provides that a coastal municipality or multimunicipal region that includes a coastal municipality — if the municipality or region adopts a growth management program under the State's growth planning and land use laws — may include in its comprehensive plan projections regarding sea level changes and the potential effects of the rise in sea level. Such government entities may develop a coordinated plan for addressing the effects of the rise in sea level.

Testifying in favor of the bill, the Maine Association of Planners stated that “if the Goals, Policies, and Strategies of the [municipality’s] Comprehensive plan do not support these types of efforts in the community, then the capital improvement plans locally cannot budget for them and the Selectmen or Councils do not have a basis to point to in order to justify the need for these projects.” In short, planning is a pre-conditon for funding.